Analytics platform means different things to different people

Taking data deluge in your stride is not a big deal especially when you are successful in finding a suitable analytics platform. However, you must not forget that there’s more to a platform than simply dealing with data deluge or applying data science for the benefit of your business. Furthermore, it is imperative for you to realize that the platform may not be meant for serving the same purpose for your business that it may have served for others. For instance, while some of your competitors may have used the platform increasing their cross-selling revenues, you may be more interested in increasing the site integrity.

Similarly, you and others may have different expectations as far as the analytics platform is concerned. While you may be looking forward to get a platform that can provide you with a considerable return on investment, others might be concerned about the speed of analytic processing. Therefore, it is not in your best interest to opt for a platform simply because others are recommending it or have managed to achieve the desired results with its help. However, it is also undeniable that a reliable platform will offer several results and many of these results are likely to match your expectations.

For instance, no matter what you are exactly looking for, you can at least expect a reliable platform to take complexity out of MapReduce analytics. Similarly, it wouldn’t be entirely wrong if you assume that the platform is going to benefit your business even if your analysts only have their way with SQL and are not keen on learning programming languages or new interfaces. However, you’ve to crosscheck whether or not your assumption will turn out to be right by determining if the platform makes use of an SQL-MapReduce framework.  Meanwhile, it is also worth considering that others may not focus all their energies on integration.

However, you may adopt the platform only when you are sure that it will definitely integrate with the rest of your data infrastructure in a seamless manner. Of course, it is possible that despite seemingly integrating with the infrastructure, the platform is unable to harness the power of Map Reduce for whatever reason. So, others who are not paying heed to integration won’t get affected, whereas, you may have to look for another platform at the earliest. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that without finding everything about the platform, if you blindly adopt it, you may be far from leveraging it.


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